APLEX Releases Ultra Slim, Embedded System Fanless Box PCs

APLEX Releases Ultra Slim, Embedded System Fanless Box PCs
A Space-saving and Rich Connection BOX PCs – ACS-2160, ACS-2170 and ACS-2180
【Taipei, Taiwan – June 24, 2015】APLEX designed the new Embedded System Fanless Box PCs – ACS-2160, ACS-2170 and ACS-2180 which are not only thinner and lighter, but more functional and intuitive than before. We believe that a Convenient, full-function Fanless Box PCs is essential for a great industrial computer experience.
In order to integrate all components into the Ultra Slim Fanless Box PCs , we had to completely rethink how a Fanless BOX PCs is engineered and constructed. To create the Fanless BOX PCs, we redesigned each space and its underlying mechanism — not only making the whole Fanless Box PCs much thinner, but also allowing for extension function, outside I/O port, Storage and memory, that just feels perfect.
Incredibly slim and Fanless is the reason that makes ACS-2160, ACS-2170 and ACS-2180 well suitable for the Kiosk, digital signage, Ticketing, AFC, ATM, Point of Information and so on.


Ultra Slim Fanless Design
ACS-2160, ACS-2170 and ACS-2180 are Fanless architecture, special ARCHMi housing design which helps disperse any heat that is generated out to the top and sides, which ensure that every task is performed using just the right amount of power.
We offers a space-optimized design for installation which is a variety of mounting ways such as VESA 75x75/100x100, Wall mount and Din-rail for use in a limited space and also supports a wide temperature from -20°C to 60°C for fanless applications in harsh environment.

Incredibly portable storage memory
Even with its miniaturized internal components, the new Fanless Box PCs has an impressive capacity to store the files and run the applications you need every day.  ACS-2160, ACS-2170 and ACS-2180 features 2-4GB of fast, power-efficient 800MHz DDR3 onboard memory. Combine that with an add extension function by unique transfer board that easy portable with extend port, you get an ultra slim Box PCs with high performance.


Features of ACS-2160/2170/2180
  • Intel Cedar trail/Baytrail/Haswell Platform.
  • Multiple mounting methods (Wall mount, Din-rail and VESA 75x75/100x100).
  • East integration with additional mounting display for VESA Standard.
  • Easy Accessible Storage Design.
  • Rich I/O connections.
  • Ultra Slim Size Fanless Design.
  • Wide range 9V~36V DC power input.
  • Wide Temperature (-20°C~60°C).
  • Extra available I/O port (ACS-2170/2180 can be extended by adding another transfer board - TB-528 series)
ACS-2160, ACS-2170 and ACS-2180 are ready for sampling.  
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