Product Change Notice:Affected Model: ADP-1081A/OPD-1086A

Affected Model: ADP-1081A/OPD-1086A

Effective Date: Immediately

Description of notice to the customer:

Aplex has changedthe LCD Panelof ADP-1081A/OPD-1086A.

The reason of changing is due to the LCD Panelhas been EOL by supplier.

Differences in changes:

1. Changed the LCD Panelof ADP-1081A/OPD-1086A

2. The Contrast Ratio improved from 400:1to 500:1

3. Color Depthchanged from 262Kcolorsto 16.2M Colors

4. The View Anglechanged from H: 120/V: 100toH: 125/V: 140


Customer impact of change and recommended action:

1. We would like the customer to order a sample for evaluation.

2. There is no changing of product outline