EOL Notice:Affected Model: ACS-2663/2664/2665

EOL Notice
	Last buy date:30/Jun/2013
Description of notice to the customer

Aplex will be discontinuing the ACS-266X product.The reasonof changing is due to natural decline in demand for these products.

Customer impact of change and recommended action:

ACS-2663C, ACS-2664C and ACS-2665Cfor replacements,they come with Intel Atom D25501.86GHz, L2 Cache 1MB, one DDR3 800 MHz 204 pin memory, one2.5” SATA HDD space,

one external CF slot,offer standard 9~36V DC power input, ACS-2663C has no PCI expansion slot, and ACS-2664C for one PCI expansion slot, ACS-2665C for two.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will make every attempt to support your needs.

Please contact with your sales representative at sales@aplex.com.tw for any assistancemay need.