FABS Series HMI- New Insight into Canned Meat Processing Factory

The application of industry 4.0 and a smart factory is becoming widespread across the different industry. Nowadays the manufacturer enables to produce the better quality of the product in the more efficient, and cost-effective way. Focusing on the food and beverage process automation industry, APLEX announced FABS series, a new generation human-machine interface.
FABS series, with international food safety grade certificate, is perfectly suitable for the application where is under aseptic conditions along with many high sanitary requirements. It not only facilitates food processing automation but also promises the food safety.

With FABS HMI series, it greatly enhances the reliability and efficiency, and better quality for your manufacturing process. In Europe, there is an international food manufacturing that adopts our FABS series to manage the entire supply chain.
As the canned meat manufacturer, the manufacturing process from slaughter operation, freezer storage, cooking, canning to packaging assembly line. FABS series has the confidence to cover all requirements automatically and digitizedly, to ensure the food safety grade.
When importing the material, all resources have been electronically recorded, including weight, species, health condition, age, etc. In the slaughterhouse, there is APLEX FABS-815P that installed into the machinery that the operator can smoothly control the HMI to operate the equipment efficiently, as well as be well-documented simultaneously. Additionally, it does not need to worry about the contamination issue. The spray happened during the slaughtering process will drop directly from the panel. The food-borne bacteria will not generate, to contaminate the product.

FABS series stainless steel front panel supports IP69K waterproof and germ-resistive, people can easily maintain the equipment during cleaning and disinfecting the working environment with the high-press water jet.

Afterward, the meat will be transported to the warehouse freezer, to prepare cooking. In this stage, it equipped the storage management with FABS-821P which can withstand up -20°C. Hence, the staff enables to directly monitor and control the temperature and humidity in the freezer storage.
FABS series extends the functionality, RFID technology. At the entrance door, the operators are verified to enter with RFID; the inventories are tracked and controlled by ETAG in transit to intelligently inspect the entire inventory management. 

   Next, the automatic cooking machine is integrated with FABS-810P, to control the equipment and further follow the formula such as heat, duration.
After cooking the food, it goes into the automation process for tracking each can by the barcode on the package. With FABS-810P, the entire manufacturing processes are managed and recorded. 

Go beyond the hardware controlling, APLEX FABS series offers the comprehensive solution to bolster the efficiency and integration Information is all sent to the cloud for real-time data processing. With this smart manufacturing, the operators enable to effectively manage each procedure via the portable device at all times.  
APLEX FABS series, is certified to EN-1672-2 international food safety grade; features SUS304/SUS316 stainless steel front bezel with IP66/IP69K waterproof and dustproof; support diverse I/O interface expansion card. Specializing in food and beverage application, it is suitable for the food processing automation, beverage manufacturing, and biotechnology industry. Provide the best solution for the food manufacturing industry. 

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