Possibility is Key, ViPAC Series Turns your Future to Smart

Taipei, TaiwanMay 4, 2018APLEX Technology Inc., a global industrial computer products solutions provider, has launched ViPAC series, representing the technology at the cutting edge of industrial panel PC. As an automation controller, developing the open standard will make automation system more competitive; ViPAC series combines data-acquisition and computing ability with archiving, analysis, reporting, and display capability. APLEX ViPAC series perfectly takes control of your factory automation management.

Technology has transformed the world of Industry which combines traditional manufacturing and industrial practices to a truly productive future. As the advancements of big data, factory digitally turns into “Smart” by using self-optimization, self-configuration and even artificial intelligence. Industry 4.0 extends the M2M scale and IoT deployments to further improve monitor and communication within systems, providing the users with real-time system interactions, and brings the much higher level of automation to complete complex tasks
In high-tech consolidation, industry 4.0 is singled out as a key of possibility. APLEX urged to embrace it, which the heart is smart factory. Enhancing productivity is just a beginning; we are aggressively pushing new opportunities and benefits to deliver cost-efficiencies and first-rate quality.

Benefit from APLEX Premium ViPAC series
Remote Monitoring- Analysis, Report, Receive
  • High Productivity
Through automation, it increases efficiency that the processes can be implemented without intervention. By x86 based processor ViPAC series enhances the overall performance and efficiency of data transfer processing and system response, and it enables you to produce more within the same amount of time and then to save time and money.
  • Integration
ViPAC series has integrated input/output functionalities, including standard, optional I/O interface, and rich expansion slot. It is capable of horizontal and vertical integration through many operations simultaneously, and holistically integrating the entire value chain.
  • Connectivity
ViPAC series fast communication enables easier sharing and communication between computer programming and equipment, including WiFi/BT/3G/ 4G LTE and antenna, as well as embedded RFID/NFC. ViPAC series ensures to keep in touch with each part of the operation between basic actuation and advanced control systems.
  • Flexibility
ViPAC series brings the flexibility to use, and easy and quick servicing and maintenance of products. Its modular design lowers lead time, expanding the capabilities of a hardware solution, it also enables quick and easy upgrades to evolve depends on either technology or user improvement.
  • Scalability
ViPAC series scales the industrial control, factory automation application, and professional applications from large data collection and storage, signal control to surveillance security system.
  • Long-term Availability
Continuously produce products to extend the availability and withstand the usage. Provide long-term support for maintenance, repair and upgrade.

APLEX Technology Inc. is one of the leading brands in industrial computer products. The company is dedicated to satisfying customer’s needs by offering comprehensive solutions and applications, including industrial panel PCs, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), industrial displays, and Embedded Box PCs. In addition to a full line of standard products, APLEX also offers customized or OEM/ODM project services. Applications range from factory automation, transportation, retail, hospitality, environmental monitoring, warehousing, medical, to health care. APLEX is publicly traded on TPEX TAIPEI Exchange (Code: 6570).More information is available at www.aplex.com.tw and on LinkedInYouTube

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