APLEX PoE Solution – Clear Choice in Industry 4.0 Application

Taipei, Taiwan-January 25th, 2018-APLEX Technology Inc., a global industrial computer products solutions provider, has completed its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solution. Due to the trend toward the large-sized monitor and high-performance computer, we offer the advanced PoE solution that perfectly meets the demands of the market. APLEX large-screen with high-performance HMI/Panel PC can effectively support PoE+ solution. Get a fanless design, great heat dissipation, power efficiency and long-term stability panel PC for achieving the specific requirement, providing a clear choice in industrial application.

Holistic PoE-based solution
Through Power-over-Ethernet, power and data will travel down the same Ethernet cable. Considering the installation-friendly, APLEX PoE+ solution brings a flexible, efficient network setting and easy to maintain. It only needs a single network cable, gives the simpler and quicker installations, even in hard-to-reach area, APLEX PoE-enabled Panel PC can be easily mounted wherever.
Based on APLEX PoE+ extension cards and modules (TB-528E1U2UPOE and so on), the higher power efficiency is assured to be available up to 45 watt which is suitable for our large-screen (15-inch or greater) and from Intel Baytrail to Skylake 6th Gen. Core high-performance platform HMI/panel PC.  


Upgrade path for Industry 4.0 Application
Targeted at cost-effectiveness, easy configuration and flexibility, PoE solution gives priority to industrial application. With future needs in mind, by deploying PoE solution, many manufacturers are turning to comprehensive IIoT and Industry 4.0 era.
If you are looking for large-screen panel PC which also supports Power-over-Ethernet solution, APLEX offers the many selections of Human Machine Interface (ARCHMI/ARMPAC) and Industrial Panel PC (ViTAM) with PoE capability. Bringing you the more convenient, flexible, low-maintenance and cost-efficient to your Industrial solution.

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