Complete Your Industrial 4.0 Application with APLEX Industrial Boards

Taipei, Taiwan.­ – August 31, 2017 - APLEX Technology Inc., a global industrial computer and embedded board provider, introducing the whole industrial board series which is designed to improve the expansion ability and reliability. It features low power consumption, high reliability and long product life.

Various form factors and expansion modules create the best product value

APLEX industrial boards are comprised of diverse form factors which focus on Mini-ITX (170x170 mm), 4” EPIC (170x113 mm) and 3.5” ECX (146 x 102 mm). Also our motherboards are available for x86 and ARM based platform, supporting windows 7/8/10, Linux and Android operating systems. Additionally, APLEX offers core module and baseboard that bring the comprehensive solutions to the customers.

The Mini-ITX and 4” EPIC board are expandable which all perfectly provide convenient and flexible configurations. With different riser cards and various I/O modules, the boards give the extra extensions that encompass PCI/ PCI-express x1/x4/x8/x16 slot, as well as I/O includes USB/ Mini-PCIe/ COM/ LAN with PoE function. 3.5” ECX board offers complete I/O interface which is suitable for being applied to compact devices, such as thin client or various space-limited devices. All of them are ideal to be utilized by panel PC, box PC, HMI and many industrial applications.


APLEX also offers customized products and OEM/ODM services for all-round embedded solutions that create the best product value for satisfying all the needs.

Key features of APLEX Industrial Boards benefit your embedded solutions
  • Support wide range DC power input
Wide range DC power input from 9 to 36V supports a variety of applications. It can be fully compatible with different power supplied environments.
  • High expansion ability
Flexible expansibility with various I/O boards and riser cards provide additional functions to give your business a comprehensive application.
  • Countercurrent protection on USB ports
Avoid systems shutting down caused by the countercurrent from USB devices.
  • Wide operating temperature
Wide operating temperature is ranging from -20 to 70℃/-40 to 85℃ for option, enables the boards to be used in extreme harsh environments.
  • Short circuit prevention
Avoid industrial board to be damaged by the short circuit problem to keep a smooth operation and assure the safety.

Full spectrum of CPU platforms provide highly flexible options for your devices

APLEX’s embedded solutions are based on x86 and ARM platform, providing high-flexible CPU options, including high performance 6th/ 7th Gen. Intel Core processors. They are capable of dealing with multi-tasks and having powerful graphic capabilities which are suitable for applying to surveillance system, large data collection, machine vision applications, etc.; Pentium, Celeron and Atom processors show equivalent performance on efficacy and costs that deliver the excellent balance solutions for your devices; ARM Cortex A8/A9 CPU take both cost and performance into account but lower the power consumption that can be applied to the terminal equipment or gateway devices, etc. With a variety of motherboards, the customers can find the appropriate products from APLEX embedded solutions.

APLEX Industrial Board Quick Guide
Family Processor Name Code Name APLEX SBC List
 6th Gen. Core  i7-6600U
 Skylake-U  SBC-7114
 6th/7th Gen. Core  Socket H4, LGA1151  Skylake-S/  Kaby Lake  SBC-7113, ASB-M8171
 Pentium  N4200  Apollo Lake  SBC-7118
 Celeron  N3350  Apollo Lake  SBC-7118
 Atom  E3845  Bay Trail  SBC-7111
 Celeron  J1900  Bay Trail  SBC-7115, SBC-7116,
 Celeron  N2930  Bay Trail  SBC-7111, SBC-7115,
 SBC-7116, ASB-M7102
 Celeron  N2807  Bay Trail  SBC-7111
 ARM Cortex A8  Tl-335x  A8  SBC-7109
 ARM Cortex A9  i.MX6DL  A9  SBC-7112


APLEX industrial board can be applied to a broad range of fields for all embedded systems, including panel PC, box PC and HMI. As the result, it can be used in most of industrial applications, guaranteeing high reliability in the areas of factory automation, infotainment, entertainment, logistic, marine applications, hazardous locations, military, transportation, etc.
System Application
Product Line Model Processor Motherboard
 Panel PC  ViTAM Series  6th Gen. Core i3/i5  SBC-7114
 4th Gen. Core i3  SBC-7110
 Celeron N2930  SBC-7111
 i.MX6 Dual Lite ARM Cortex A9  SBC-7112
 ViPAC Series  6th/7th Gen. Core i3/i5/i7  ASB-M8171
 Celeron N2930  ASB-M7102
 AEx Series  6th Gen. Core i3/i5  SBC-7114
 Celeron N2930  SBC-7111
 Atom D2550  SBC-7106
 APC-30X2  Atom E3845  SBC-7810
 HMI  ARCHMI Series  6th Gen. Core i3/i5  SBC-7114
 4th Gen. Core i3/i5  SBC-7110
 E3845/N2930  SBC-7111
 Atom N2600/D2550  SBC-7106(A)
 ARMPAC Series  i.MX6 Dual Lite ARM Cortex A9  SBC-7112
 Tl-AM3354, ARM Cortex TM A8  SBC-7109
 Box PC  TiTAN Series  6th Gen. Core i3/i5/i7  SBC-7113
 4th Gen. Core i3  SBC-7110
 Celeron N2930  SBC-7116
For more information or pricing about APLEX’s industrial boards, please visit our website or contact our sales at sales@aplex.com.tw


APLEX Technology Inc. is one of the leading brands in industrial computer products. The company is dedicated to satisfying customer’s needs by offering comprehensive solutions and applications, including industrial panel PCs, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), industrial displays, Embedded Box PCs and Mother Boards. In addition to a full line of standard products, APLEX also offers customized or OEM/ODM project services. Applications range from factory automation, transportation, retail, hospitality, environmental monitoring, warehousing, medical, to health care. More information is available at www.aplextec.com and on LinkedInYouTube

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