APLEX unveils its new Fanless HMI with High Brightness Up to 1000 nits

A power efficiency and cost-effective industrial HMI

APLEX Technology announces a new product line of high performance sunlight readable HMI– ARCHMI-8 series, powered by Intel® Atom™ Processor N2930 with rugged fanless aluminum die-casting chassis, wide temperature, optical bonding and sunlight Readable. It is easily the most common option in the market in terms of power efficiency and cost-effective industrial computing. Moreover, it’s an ideal for high ambient lighting conditions and harsh environments where readability is required.

■ Ideal for high ambient light applications

Equipped with APLEX auto dimming technology that built-in an ambient light sensor automatically detects the amount of light and adjusts the brightness of the screen to save system power and improve display readability. This feature allows the display to automatically adjust its brightness for optimal viewing at a wide range of ambient lighting conditions. 

To improve readability, we offer optional Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating which significantly increase the efficiency of the optics through increasing transmission, enhancing contrast, and eliminating ghost images and ensuring excellent visibility in bright daylight or marine conditions, fleet management and automation applications.

■ Low power expandable HMI for Industrial 4.0
The ARCHMI-8 series is front IP65 rated with rugged aluminum structure design. Its heat dissipation technology allows it to operate under optimal temperature with extreme low power consumption rate. It supports multiple I/O interfaces for both modern and legacy applications to bridge your business with Industrial 4.0, including proprietary expansion slot for more customized application requirements. SD card slot is available along with SATA II drive bay depending on your storage preferences.

■ The ARCHMI-8 series is now available 
 Available LCD sizes from 7-inch to 21.5-inch: 

 •  7" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-807PH
 •  8" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-808PH
 •  10.1" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-810PH
 •  12.1" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-812PH
 •  15" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-815PH
 •  15.6" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-816PH
 •  17" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-817PH
 •  18.5" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-818PH
 •  21.5" TFT-LCD : ARCHMI-821PH


■ Expansion I/O Boards for Option
Optional I/O Boards ARCHMI-8 Series
810PH 812PH 815PH 816PH 817PH 818PH 821PH

• 2x COM
• 1x Mini-PCIe

• 1x COM
• 2x USB
• 1x Power Button

• 2x USB

• 1x LAN
• 2x USB 2.0 

• 2x CAN  bus
• 2x USB
• 2x COM
• 1x Mini-PCIe

• 2x RS-422/RS-485

• 1x LAN
• 2x USB 2.0 POE
 Note: Note: ・The above listed product does not contain : ARCHMI-807(P)/808(P)
                     ・The Smart Battery and PoE function can’t use simultaneously

More information is available at www.aplextec.com and APLEX LinkedIn | YouTube

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