APLEX has been dedicated to the development of HMI products, which has led to the AHM and ARCHMI product line.
APLEX currently offers complete ARCHMI series, PC-based and ARM-based open architecture products with TFT-LCD panels ranging from 5.6" to 21.5" in sizes.
APLEX HMI products come equipped with touch screen as the standard feature. Flat bezel designed PCT and resistive touch screen feature a smooth and simple exterior finish which prevents accumulation of water, dust, and grime, making them well-suited for integration with all kinds of machinery and equipment.
Because APLEX HMI products are intended for practical industrial applications, the front panel of APLEX HMI products are IP65 rated. With the exception of a few special-purpose models, almost all HMI products support a wide range of voltage input (DC 9~36V) and use the industry standard terminal block connector.