Corporate Social Responsibility

       APLEX was founded in 2004, we have been demonstrated tremendous concern for corporate sustainable business and corporate social responsibility. In order to meet the balance of environment, society and corporate development, APLEX has carried the responsibility for stakeholders including employees, customers, business partners, as well as social development and environmental protection. APLEX has committed to continuously observe the morals, make a contribution towards national economic development, and also improve the quality of life of staffs and their family in the community. In order to advance corporate social responsibility, APLEX has not only enhanced the development of society, but also protecting the environment, saving resources. APLEX indeed executes, undertake and implement.     
      APLEX has devoted to corporate governance, employee caring, environmental resources, public relationship and social participation. Based on the idea of integrity and impartial, we strengthen corporate governance, concern environment protections, and treasure earth resource, desire to sustainably develop the corporate and environment. Additionally, APLEX provides comfort and safe working environment, and comprehensive career planning for maintaining the perfect relationship between employer and employees. For the purpose of making the long-term corporate value, APLEX actively Implements corporate society relationship for contributing to our society.

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- 2016.9 Caring in Education – Donation for WaiPu Elementary School

- 2016 APLEX Family Day

- 2016.10 Blood Donation Campaign

- 2017.10 Beach Cleanup Carnival

-  2018.01 Charitable activities- Orphanage One Day Volunteer

...To Be Continued